Country Driver Training

3 Hours Country Driving Lessons

This course is designed to cover the skills and understanding required to safely drive on our states country roads where you will be exposed to high speed, sealed and unsealed, narrow and winding roads and interaction with other high-speed vehicles, including trucks and Road Trains. We include and discuss driver fatigue awareness and mitigation techniques. It makes for an interesting and worthwhile 3 hours, learning the skills to help keep you, your friends and family safe on our country roads.

This is particularly important, when you consider that, on WA roads, more than half of all lives lost, occur on our Country and Regional roads and they are avoidable with proper training and awareness of conditions. (2018 WA Road Safety Commission, 158 lives lost of those 99 on Regional roads and 59 on metropolitan roads.) It is also disturbing; when you understand that young drives are over represented in those statistics.

Monday to Friday – 7am to 7pm | Saturday to Sunday – 8am to 7pm